Friday, October 2, 2015

Easy Braid Company Makes Soldering Easier and Better without Increased Prices

This company is making life easier for everyone in terms of soldering needs. Not only do they have a large selection of high quality soldering stations, but they also offer a myriad of tips to suit any soldering job.
Easy Braid Company’s soldering tips are special because they can be cross referenced to other brands’ tips such as Metcal, Hakko, and Weller, and they even have an improved quality compared to their competitors.
The EBM Series of tips from Easy Braid has specified Power Plus tips, meaning they show increased performance without increasing temperature, which then leads to faster soldering overall. This is partially due to the tips’ gold plated ends which improves connectivity to the soldering station and optimizes power transition. The tips also have thicker, denser plating so they last longer than comparable ones.

One would think that all these benefits and improvements in the product line would lead to higher prices, but surprisingly they do not. Easy Braid Company is still beating the prices of their competitors by a considerable margin despite providing a higher quality product. See below for a side by side comparison.

Chisel Tip 30° 2.5mm (0.10"), 700°F Type Cartridge
Easy Braid part number: EBM7CP200
Price: $17.49

Metcal part number: STTC-136P
Price: $23.60

Extra Large Chisel Tip 5.0mm (0.20"), 700°F Type Cartridge
Easy Braid part number: EBM7CH250
Price: $17.49

Metcal part number: STTC-117
Price: $23.60

Chisel Tip 30° 2.5mm (0.10"), 800°F Type Cartridge
Easy Braid part number: EBM8CH175
Price: $17.49

Metcal part number: STTC-836
Price: $23.60

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Recycled Rubber for a Greener Environment

The manufacturing of industrial products can produce a lot of strain on the Earth’s health and natural resources, such as oil. In order to reduce this strain, a lot of environmentally friendly manufacturers are looking for greener ways to produce their products through recycling methods, like Rubberform Recycled Products. This company produces rubber safety equipment for various industries with a greener environment in mind.

Rubberform offers rubber products that are specified to be used in industrial, construction, marine, hospitality, shipping, and road safety settings. The wide variety of products include speed bumps, sign base weights, wheel stops, safety flooring mats, and even playground mulch, just to name a few.
The processes used to create the recycled rubber these products are made from reduce waste and pollution by ensuring all the recycled resources are used and creates less emissions overall when being manufactured. Recycled products also conserve energy when they’re made. For example, it takes 95% less energy to manufacture an aluminum can from recycled aluminum than from “virgin” materials.

Recycled products, like those made by Rubberform, are not only better for the environment but also of great quality. Don’t be fooled into thinking recycled materials aren’t as good as “virgin” ones, they can often times be better!

For more information on recycled rubber and Rubberform products, check out their website at

For assistance in purchasing their products, contact IIS!

Monday, June 15, 2015

Understanding Tronex Tools Model Numbers

YES there are a LOT of them.
over 130!
But how to make sense of it all?
We're here to help. Below is a guide to decoding our model numbers.
This should help you quickly reference and compare models.
Check out all their products at and get purchasing information from IIS!
For Cutter Models:
First Number = Handle Length
The first number of the model number for all tools refers to the handle length
  • "5" = standard handles
  • "7" = long, ergonomic handles
*the only exception to this is the 5612 & 5613 which are mid sized handles
Tip: Ergonomic handles are 1 inch longer than standard handles.
Second Number = Head Shape/Size
You probably won't memorize all of the variations here, but it's good to be aware of what this number means. Some examples are listed below:
  • 3=mini oval
  • 1=medium oval
  • 5=large oval
  • 4=mini taper
  • 2=medium taper
  • 7=large taper
  • 0=specialty cutters 

Third Number = The Profile of the Cutter
This applies for oval and taper head cutters. Relief cutters have a "lower profile" and can get into tight spots better than standard cutters. Standard cutters have more material in the head so are stronger and can cut heavier material. 
  • 1= standard profile
  • 2= relief profile  
See below image showing the difference between the two:

Fourth/Last number = Edge Finish
1= Semi-flush
2= Flush
3 = Razor Flush®
 For Pliers:
First Number = Handle Length 
The first number of the model number for all tools refers to the handle length
  • "5" = standard handles
  • "7" = long, ergonomic handles

Second and Third Numbers = Model Number
Each model has a unique two digit code.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Now Accepting Vendor Managed Inventory Accounts

IIS is now offering yet another way to save your company time and resources! With a Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) program, we can assume the responsibility for managing a company’s inventory of consumable products. This means we will crunch the numbers and observe the data for how much of each product the company is using over a period of time, usually weekly, and order the appropriate quantities of each so there are never too many or too few items.

The company still maintains ownership of their inventory and it remains at their own location for easy access to supplies, but we would be coming in and monitoring the stock, thus eliminating the need for that company to do it themselves. This method not only reduces administrative costs, but also decreases the amount of stock on hand while still reducing possible stock outs since we would be maintaining an accurate level of product. So, the company would only have the items they actually need in the exact quantities necessary at any given time.

Additionally, with the company’s employees being in more frequent contact with us, the supplier, they will subsequently gain more knowledge on the inventory items and their specific purpose, thus being able to pass that information on to the end consumer. More knowledgeable staff members always make customers happy because they can then give input and help customers make informed decisions when they need to purchase their own products.

Vendor Managed Inventory can be a complicated and involved process, but IIS wants to work with you to help determine your needs and set up a viable strategy for your business. Contact us for more information! 215-396-0822


Friday, February 27, 2015

Training Employees 101

A major step in hiring new people to work at a business is making sure they are trained on proper company procedures and policies. Whether the company is an office setting or an industrial site with more safety precautions, training is important to help create a comfortable employee dynamic and avoid costly accidents. This knowledge can be easily achieved with Marcom’s line of workplace training materials. They offer an extensive line of training topics, from “Preventing Sexual Harassment” and “Computer Workstation Safety” to “First Aid in Construction Environments” and “Scissor Lifts in Industrial and Construction Environments,” just to name a few. Most of the topics are geared toward regular employees, but a lot of them are also available for training new managers in their role with more responsibility in the situation.

A training kit for each topic includes a DVD training program with a leader’s guide and employee quizzes, employee booklets, and relevant posters to help ensure the full education of each employee.

IIS offers the full line of Marcom’s training kits and materials. Learn more about these products by checking out or contacting IIS today!

Thursday, February 5, 2015

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Friday, January 16, 2015

Decrease Toner Costs without Sacrificing Quality Prints

Printed documents can be an essential part of a business, and also an unnecessary stressor. The right printing equipment can help prevent annoying issues such as jams, smears, or overall poor quality pages. It may seem like the best way to prevent these nuisances is to buy the most expensive, brand name toner for your printer, however this may not necessarily be the case.

A common myth about exclusively using the original manufacturer’s toner in a printer is that if you do not use these OEM cartridges, it will void the printer’s warranty. However, this is actually untrue and, in fact, against the law for manufacturers to do so. Under the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, a manufacturer cannot require the use of any brand of toner unless they are willing to provide it free of charge in the warranty. If you are still uneasy about using a generic brand of toner for quality’s sake, popular brand, Xerox, also offers a range of different toners that are compatible with most printers, and are cheaper than the printer’s original brand type. Making the switch to a less expensive, but still brand name, cartridge may help ease your mind to switch to a generic toner and show you that you can save money without sacrificing quality prints.

Another factor which can cause printing errors is using ink printers and cartridges rather than laser toner printers. Printer ink is a liquid substance that is shot directly onto the paper while printing and usually takes a longer time to print and for the ink to dry afterwards than toner, causing prints to smear when a high quantity of pages is printed. Toner is a powder with wax particles in it that melt, making the toner become fused to the paper while printing, leading to a faster print process with minimal errors.

The combination of laser printers with toner and generic brand cartridges can help increase the quality of prints at the office while also decreasing the costs in the long run. Industrial Instruments and Supplies can work with you to determine your toner needs and aide in the transition to a more inexpensive product to make the work day even just a little less hectic.